Don't think about buying a home before you attend this class 
Do you want to stop paying someone else's mortgage?

Are you presently renting? Are you wondering what it takes to become a home owner? Well, here is your chance to join me and a couple others from the real estate industry who will be teaching this FREE class twice a month. 

This class is for educational purposes only and no one will be selling anything, but if after the class is done, if you are interested in purchasing a home, we will be glad to help you in your path to home ownership. 

At this class you will learn from a mortgage broker, what you need to get qualified, the time lines and how you can improve your credit score to get a better interest rate and how different loan products can save you money. Second, a real estate agent will be talking about what the next step is after you have been pre-approved for a loan and the timelines involved in buying a home, be it a short sale, traditional sale or a foreclosure and what buying each of those means to you! Then last but, not least, I'll be talking to you about insurance and why it is so important to have and what kind of coverage maybe needed when buying a home.

So, join us won't you, we would love to teach you all about home ownership.

1st time home buyer class

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